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Thales Crawley are running a work experience week for students in years 11,  12 and 13.

What this week is about - This is a workshop designed to give students a good insight and understanding about a product's life cycle. The students spend the week in groups and in these groups they will plan, design, build, test and review a product requested by a ‘customer’.

 The groups will have to talk with the customer to discuss the requirements for the product and then work on a design. They then need to produce a working prototype to test against the customers’ requirements.  While this happens, students will also get a tour of our site and have the chance to work in the manufacturing area to solder and produce an electronic kit.

 What you can learn from this week - This is a perfect opportunity for students to get an insight into engineering and help students get very useful work experience from a well-recognized company in engineering. This will help massively when applying for apprenticeship places or graduate programmes. To view the application form (deadline 15 May 2017) students should click on the link in the original ParentMail communication or visit the Student Shared Area and go to Careers/WEX May 2017

To see the covering letter click here.

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