The Holy Trinity Church of England Secondary School

James Aspey visits for 'Awakening consciousness' English class

Recently, we were very privileged to have James Aspey spend the day in school working with our youngsters. The visit was a feature in the 'Awakening consciousness' unit of work in English, where students study a range of material leading to debates on a range of interesting topics such as protest poetry written by political refugees.

 James Aspey is a cancer survivor. He has since dedicated his life to being a voice for the vulnerable. He is best known in Australia and around the world for his work with animal charities and for being a ‘voice for animals’. He appeared on Australian news following a year’s silence where he cycled 5000 miles across Australia to raise awareness for animals and to promote peace over violence.

It was an extremely powerful and moving day for all involved.

Here is a link to James Aspey’s website: