The Holy Trinity Church of England Secondary School

Year 8


Director of Learning: Miss J. Ashforth

Year Office: M3



Curriculum guide

Click here  to see what we learn in Year 8. (For more details on individual subjects go to Departments here.)

Key dates for Year 8:



Tue 5 Sep

Term starts at 11.30 a.m.

Tue 19 Sep

Tutor evening surnames A-L

Thu 21 Sep

Tutor evening surnames M-Z

w/c 16 Oct

Charity week

Mon 20 Nov

Year 8 reports

Wed 7 Mar

Year 8 reports

Mon 26 Mar

Year 8 parents’ consultation evening

Tue 27 Mar

Whole school photo

4-8 Jun

Year 8 exams (class based)

Fri 15 Jun

Sports day

Wed 18 Jul

Celebration event at The Hawth


 Year 8 documents and letters:

There is plenty of useful advice to help you on your journey through school and with wider teenage issues in our Pastoral Support Links section.