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We Will Rock You - Information for performers.

Rehearsals start on Wednesday 4th October and run from 3.30 to 5.30pm in the Music Dept.

From 30th October rehearsals will be held on Mondays AND Wednesdays.


Watch The Show Here

Follow the link below to watch the full West End show on YouTube:  

Rehearsal Materials

Please use the links below to listen to or download (by right clicking the link and saving the attached file) the backing tracks and the tracks with your part being played for you to learn.

There is also a spare copy of the Libretto. If you have lost yours, you will need to print a new copy using the first link below. 

We Will Rock You Libretto (Lyrics for the ensemble) 

Radio Gaga Rehearsal Tracks

Radio GaGa Backing Track.mp3

Radio Gaga Full Vocal Guide

Radio Gaga Soprano 1 Guide

Radio Gaga Soprano 2 Guide

Radio Gaga Altos and Boys Guide

I Want It All Rehearsal Tracks

I Want It All Full Vocal Guide

I Want It All Soprano 1 Guide

I Want It All Soprano 2 Guide

I Want It All Altos and Boys Guide

Somebody to Love Backing Vocal Rehearsal Tracks -Teen Queens only

Somebody to Love Backing Track

Somebody to Love Full Vocal Guide

Somebody to Love High backing Vocal Guide

Somebody to Love Mid Backing Vocal Guide

Somebody to Love Low Backing Vocal Guide 

Killer Queen Rehearsal Tracks

Killer Queen Full Vocal Guide 

Killer Queen High Part (Soprano 1)

Killer Queen Lower Part (Soprano 2, Alto and Boys)