The Holy Trinity Church of England Secondary School

Sixth Form Leadership Team

The Director of Learning for Sixth Form is Mrs Clubb. She took up this new role in September 2015, having previously been Head of English.

The Deputy Head of Sixth Form is Mr Hammett. He is also Head of Drama at The Holy Trinity School. 

Mrs Lisa Baker is Student Services Officer - Sixth Form (She joined the Sixth Form Team in September 2014.)

Head Team

The Head Team at The Holy Trinity School Sixth Form is a group of nine upper sixth students chosen by the senior teachers in a set of interviews. They each have separate responsibilities but come together as a team to make decisions and organise activities for the Sixth Form and the rest of the school.

2016 - 2017

Head Boy - Buneme Kyakilika

Head Girl - Katie Hamilton

Deputy Head Boy - Aaron Clay

Deputy Head Girl - Lizzie Martin

Assistant Head with responsibility for Canterbury - Delisha McHugh

Assistant Head with responsibility for Durham - Alice Rose

Assistant Head with responsibility for Winchester - Sophie Regnaud

Assistant Head with responsibility for York - Victor Otor

Head of School Council - Sibrah Bukhari

Head of Christian Union - Rojan Salazar

Head of Inclusion & Integration - Cameron Edginton

Elected Posts

Every year the Sixth Form elect members of the Upper Sixth to fulfil nine elected posts. They, together with the Head Team, form the Sixth Form Council. Each elected post has an area of responsibility which they oversee.