The Holy Trinity Church of England Secondary School


Our vision is to be a
centre of excellence for learning,
inspired by Christian values,
where every person in our
school community fulfils their potential.


Deeply Christian,
open to all.


The knowledge of our
ultimate worth
as human beings.


Living well together is of
very great importance to us,
at this school.


Nurturing knowledge, skills,
emotional intelligence,
creativity and resilience.


Embracing the future
with confidence and
seeking to make a
difference in the world.


To book for Headteacher talks please click here

Alternatively scan the QR code on the flyer above to go to Eventbrite. 

For the school to be ready to deliver an outstanding evening we will be finishing the school day at 2.10pm. Students will be dismissed to travel home at the end of period 4. Any students that are involved in the open evening must be back at school, in perfect school uniform at 4.30pm.