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Careers Information at Holy Trinity School

This information is aimed at Students, Parents, Employers and School Staff; it supports our Careers Guidance & Education Programme which is embedded in our curriculum. This page is updated regularly; we share opportunities and careers related events with students during tutor registrations, assemblies and also through the Satchel One Notice board.  Please get in touch with our Careers Staff if you require any further information.  

Miss L McMenamin Mr Kevin Berry
Careers  Lead  Assistant Head Teacher, Head of Key Stage 5

The Careers Provider Access Policy Statement can be found here 

The School's Careers Education programme for Key Stage 3 & 4  is delivered through our REACH lessons [the Hope & Aspiration strands].


 For Key Stage 3 Careers InformationClick here     

 For Key Stage 4 Careers Information - Click here      

For Key Stage 5 Careers Information - Click here


Click here to access an impartial booklet for parents on making choices at Post 14, Post 16 &Post 18 resources - This is an up-to-date & impartial website, offering parents an insight into choices that their son/daughter will be facing at Key Stages 4 &5, with support in helping them make the right decisions. There are links to virtual work experience opportunities, and other useful information about revision and home study.

Online Careers Webinar for Parents [18th Oct 2022] Post 16 Progression and virtual Work Experience links

 "Get Career Confident" - We work with careers professionals Get Career Confident [GCC] to enhance our Careers Education programme; GCC provides our learners with access to a range of resources to support them to make decisions about their next steps and futures through a dedicated website and social media. 

  • Parents & carers should follow Facebook  @Get-Career-Confident & sign up here 
  • Students should follow Instagram @GetCConfident & sign up here 
  • Teachers should follow Twitter @GCConfident & sign up here 

Kickstart Careers supports our careers guidance programme - Mark Anderson is a qualified and CDI accredited Careers Guidance practitioner and keys stage 4 & 5 students are invited to 1-1 careers interviews to discuss their future career aspirations.

Careers Bulletin

Edition 1

Edition 2

Apprenticeships, Vocational & Work Experience

Amazing Apprenticeships, Apprenticeships in Sussex & the National Careers Service These are excellent websites offering up to date information about alternative career pathways. Register your details for updates and look out for Satchel One updates.

Thales has been working in partnership with Holy Trinity School over some years now and we regularly host workshops, STEM days & assemblies with the school outreach and business volunteers.

 Virtual Work Experience Opportunities

Students are able to access a variety of virtual, online work experience opportunities; more and more companies are using a hybrid way of working and therefore developing digital skills is vitally important for preparing for the world of work. These are the latest opportunities that students can access; watch this video as preparation.

Get Career Confident - scroll down towards the bottom of the page and click on the industry sector banners to expand and find out about the online opportunities. These are updated regularly.

Springpod brings a wide range of virtual work experience opportunities to learners. The organisation partners with outstanding universities and employers to create interactive, experiential learning programmes aiming to empower the next generation and enable them to take their future into their own hands by giving them equal access to opportunity.

Forage aims to bridge education and career success. They feature job simulations on their website, real-life skills for real-life roles, offering a window into the company and a preview of their day-to-day. Job sims are 100% free, open access and self-paced.

Labour Market Information - regional information

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