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Hello to everyone!  

Mr Deysel here - the new school chaplain - and it is with great pleasure that I introduce myself!  I have worked at Holy Trinity for over 17 years in various roles, however, none quite like this.  What draws me most to this role is the fact that I get to spend my day with people.  The verse from Matthew 22:37 comes to mind: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.  And love your neighbour as yourself.”


Our mission statement mentions that although we are ‘Deeply Christian’, we are also ‘Open to all’.  We believe that God loves everyone and desires that all should know Him.  With that in mind, we not only welcome people from every background, ethnicity, religion and culture, but the chapel is a space open to all, and, as chaplain, I welcome discussion and debate around any topic; religious or otherwise.  The chapel is also a place of solitude, quiet, peace and an opportunity for both students and staff to sit quietly, pause and reflect and just take time away from the busyness of life.


During the year, we will focus on various religious and secular events, both local and around the world.  My work as chaplain will help to highlight these events and bring them into our school in a more focussed and real way. This will be done mainly through assemblies and tutor times but also through groups of students like the Christian Union. This will help our students think about the world beyond themselves and perhaps what God’s perspective might be.  I will also spend a lot of my time mentoring students which gives opportunity to talk about life’s challenges with them and assist in bringing about change.  It also means I get to celebrate with them when they succeed!


To read more about what is going on at Holy Trinity with regards Chaplaincy and faith, please see The FISH which is your regular Chaplaincy newsletter. To find all editions of the FISH please click here. Alternatively you can find them under the Christian Distinctiveness menu on the website.