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My name is Mrs Horrocks, and I have been seconded to spend half my time working in Learning Support, and half my time working within the school community; to explore what chaplaincy might look like at Holy Trinity.  This is something new and exciting for us, and we hope students, staff and families will be involved with us throughout the year. 

As you are aware, we are a Church of England school.  The chaplaincy is open to everyone, whether you have a religious faith, whether you don’t have a religious faith, or whether you are somewhere in between.  I am very much rooted in my own faith as a Christian, but it is important that the chaplain is there for everybody.  Our hope is that the chaplaincy will grow in to a really positive part of our school, developing links with the wider community, and providing a space where we can grow in wisdom, dignity and hope. 

As well as being involved in running a variety of events throughout the year and working with some of the incredible groups who are already involved in the life of our school, I am looking forward to being available to meet and support students, staff and families throughout the year. 

Welcome to Our Chapel!


Welcome to our Chapela sacred space in a busy place.  We know that school life can be very full-on.  We invite all members of our school community to use the chapel as a space to come and stop for a while.  We are here for you if you need to talk, or if you need a place to simply be still.  Whether you have a religious faith or not, or whether you are somewhere in between, you are welcome to come in and use the space as you need to. 

What Have We Been Doing Recently?

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Harvest Appeal for tinned and packet food.  Over the two weeks the appeal was running, we collected an incredible amount, which has been passed on to Crawley Open House and the Crawley SVP Food Bank.


The St Vincent De Paul Society                            

aims to tackle poverty in all its forms by supporting people in need. This is more than just financial hardship, so visiting people who are sick, lonely, in prison, or suffering from addiction is also a big part of our work. Spending time with people is our greatest gift. We work with all people without regard to faith, ethnicity, status or sexual orientation. We offer friendship and visit people on a regular basis and offer additional practical support such as food, furniture or financial help where needed. At all times we adhere to a strong code of confidentiality.  In Crawley, there has been an increasing need for food. We attempt to seek out and help as many people as we can.  At present, we help over 50 households with food parcels (weekly or fortnightly). The food is donated by individuals and supermarkets. 

 Crawley Open House

provides support and services for people suffering the effects of homelessness, unemployment, loneliness or discrimination.

There is a direct access hostel and a day centre for adults in need.  There are 24 beds for homeless men and women, available to those in need, regardless of their issues, needs and history. Residents can stay for up to 28 days and pets can stay with them wherever possible. A team of specialist workers offer support to residents and day centre visitors.

 Thank you to everyone who donated, helped with organisation and helped   with packing up the food.  You have all made a big difference!



Local Events

This space is available to advertise local events being organised by faith groups in and around our area.  Please contact Mrs Horrocks if you would like your event to be included.

What’s On At Holy Trinity

These are the regular events happening in school every week …...


Before School


Tutor Time








PM Tutor Time

After School

A Monday

Sacred Space - Chapel










Sacred Space - Chapel

A Tuesday

Sacred Space - Chapel

Parent Prayer Group 2 weeks  in 4 - Chapel








Sacred Space - Chapel

A Wednesday

Sacred Space - Chapel







Sacred Space - Chapel

A Thursday

Sacred Space - Chapel







Christian Union - Chapel



Sacred Space - Chapel

A Friday

Staff Briefing







Lighthouse Project - Chapel



Sacred Space - Chapel













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Special Events This Week:


Festivals and Celebrations

This is a space to remember and celebrate festivals and seasons for all the members of our school community …...

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