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Cultural Capital

After the huge success of our first Enrichment Week held in 2021 where our entire community were able to come together for a week of extra-curricular learning, exploration, challenge and fun we are now committed to developing the opportunities that our students have to learn outside of the classroom. Enrichment Week was the first step on our journey to provide our students with the potential to gain skills, life experience and time to explore their character away from the normal Holy Trinity Day. 

This year (2022) we are excited to develop the opportunities that our young people have to develop away from the classroom and will focus this Enrichment time on Curriculum linked learning in the real world. During these days, spread throughout the year, our students will be able to test their subject knowledge, resilience and character traits in everyday settings that will be very different from their experiences in the classroom.  

We are absolutely delighted to launch our new Cultural Capital programme for the year which we believe will build upon Enrichment Week in a hugely beneficial way that creates a more seamless link between the classroom and real-world application. 

What is Cultural Capital?

Cultural Capital is the development and accumulation of knowledge, skills, experiences and human behaviour that students can draw upon to navigate their place in society. Through successful Cultural Capital they will be able to show greater awareness, understanding and competence in the real world helping them to be successful, happy and self-aware in the wider world. The confidence gained through Cultural Capital will help students to have more influence, and independence allowing them to show social mobility without the constraints of finance or stereotypical perception.   

At Holy Trinity we wish to afford all students the opportunity to dream big and be successful; both academically and in their wider lives. We want to give them rich, exciting and sustained opportunities to develop culturally and become the best, most positive versions of themselves. 

What activities are on offer?

Across a student’s learning journey, from Year 7 eventually through to Year 13, our young people will have chances to develop tools for everyday life, develop transferable skills that are desirable for universities and employers, and to pursue their own interest and passions at a greater depth.  

The four days split over the year will give our students the opportunity to develop and show, in abundance, the four underpinning elements of our school; Dignity, Community, Wisdom and Hope. 

As part of this we are delighted to have launched “The Key Stage 3 Passport”. This is a range of activities that we believe all students should have the opportunity to experience before the end of year 9. Most, but not all, of these will take place during the Cultural Capital Days. At the end of year 9 students will “complete” their passport and be awarded a certificate detailing and celebrating their accomplishments.

Below is a list of some of the activities we hope to run over the course of the 3 years each student is in Key Stage 3. This is subject to change and we cannot guarantee we will be able to include everything on this extensive list.

•       History trip

•       Visit different places of worship

•       Charity event

•       University visit

•       Museum visit

•       Beach trip

•       Walk

•       Remembrance Service

•       Used the library

•       Outdoor education

•       Camping

•       Environmental / Climate workshop

•       Enterprise challenge

•       Learn study skills

•       Music event / Concert / Theatre trip

•       Team building

•       Sports event

•       Careers workshop

•       KS4 taster lessons

•       Assembly participation

•       Residential trip

•       MFL trip

•       Gallery visit

•       Gardening

•       Community service


Information and pictures from some of the activities from the first two Cultural Capital days can be found in the newsletters linked below.

Autumn 2021

Spring 2022

If you have any questions or wish to know more about Cultural Capital at Holy Trinity please do contact me via

Mrs S Gardiner: Subject Leader - Cultural Capital