The Holy Trinity Church of England Secondary School

GCSE Results day 2020 - A cause for celebration in these difficult times.


This morning the long months of waiting were finally over for our Year 11 students when they received their results electronically. 

During the day we have been delighted to welcome them into school where they each had a pre-arranged appointment to meet with their tutor for a socially distanced transition meeting.  This allowed us to personally congratulate them on their achievements and to discuss their next steps. In the midst of the chaos they have been plunged into, let nobody detract from the achievements that these grades constitute. They have been awarded following a rigorous process by the people who know them best. They can be very proud of their achievements. 

With all the coverage of results over the past 10 days, it would be easy to think these students can be summed up by a series of grades and statistics.  In reality, the results these young people have received today are just one aspect, all be it an extremely important one, of a range of achievements over the past 12 years.  We are all really proud of each one of them. Over the past 5 months they have been faced with a set of challenges that no previous year group has had to face.  They have stepped up to this challenge with courage and maturity, showing that they have the strength and resilience needed to overcome adversity now and in the future. 

Today we celebrate their achievements, and we celebrate them as individuals for so much more – for their enthusiasm, their humour, their commitment to each other, their passion for justice, their hopes and dreams for the future.  Each of these young people is unique and each has a whole host of special gifts and talents, which no academic qualification will ever be able to fully represent but for which we pay tribute to them on this important day.   

These results enable our young people to progress to the next step on their journey of life.  We are confident that their determination to succeed and commitment to their studies will enable them to reach their full potential and to be successful and happy in the future.  I look forward to welcoming many of them in September when they will return to Holy Trinity in order to continue their Post 16 studies.  Those who are progressing to new opportunities will be missed – we send them off with our blessing and hope they will find fulfillment on their chosen path.    

Rev Chrissie Millwood 


20th August 2020