The Holy Trinity Church of England Secondary School

Thought provoking Year 9 History module on 7/7 bombings with Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust

Year 9 have studied a History module on the 7th July 2005 bombings, which has been delivered in support of the Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust. Miriam Hyman was one of the fifty-two people killed in the London bombings on 7/7 2005. The Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust has created a legacy – ‘Miriam’s Vision’. This is an educational resource incorporating the requirements of the National Curriculum and British values incorporated in English law. It fulfils the duty of schools to promote peace and social cohesion, encouraging an inclusive society without reinforcing stereotypes around extremism and terrorism.  Given the challenges of extremism, which we continue to see throughout the world, this is a very special opportunity to get involved in such a meaningful cause. Speaking about the educational experience, Miriam’s sister Esther has said “I have learnt that you can’t control what happens to you in life but you can control how you respond to it.”