The Holy Trinity Church of England Secondary School

Uniform and ID Cards


Optional items, if worn, must be as stipulated. All colours mentioned are plain and unpatterned. All items of clothing must be clearly marked with the pupil’s name.



TOP COAT (optional) - cagoule, anorak, raincoat or coat to be worn over the blazer. Hoodies and denim jackets are not acceptable. No offensive motifs allowed. (Be warm, dry and visible.) 


PULLOVER (optional) – Navy blue V-neck with embroidered school crest (worn under and in addition to - not instead of - blazer).

Trutex DIrect /Broadbridges

BLAZER with SCHOOL CREST – Navy blue with embroidered pocket badge, only available from Trutex or Broadbridges. 

Trutex Direct /Broadbridges 

BLAZER POCKET BADGE - £3 -If you are buying a navy blue school blazer from another stockist and a separate pocket badge from school.

Other Stockist & School

TIE – £5 - School crested with house coloured banding. Compulsory for all students.


SHIRT – White with formal collar (must be long enough to tuck into skirt/trousers).


TROUSERS – Mid-grey Holy Trinity trousers. 

Trutex Direct /Broadbridges

SKIRT (Girls only) – Harrow grey stitch down pleat skirt. Please note that neither skirts nor trousers should be made of stretch fabric.

Trutex Direct /Broadbridges

SHOES - Black or dark brown, sturdy, low heeled leather or simulated leather shoes. These must be without deep track soles and the sides must rest below the ankles. No trainers or plimsoll style shoes.


SOCKS – Grey, black or navy blue. 


TIGHTS (Girls only) – Navy, black or natural colour. No leggings.




Navy blue AKOA Multisport Shorts/Holy Trinity Shorts. 

Trutex Direct /Broadbridges

Plain Short White Sports Socks.


Plain Long Navy Sports Socks. 

Trutex Direct /Broadbridges

White Holy Trinity PE Polo Shirt with school crest. 

Trutex Direct /Broadbridges

Trainers – not boot type; non marking sole.

Optional - Pro Track Pant (Navy blue with white side stripe).

Trutex Direct

Please could you also purchase ONE of the below for Winter Outdoor PE 


1. Girls Holy Trinity Badged Sportswear Sweatshirt (Navy blue).

 Trutex Direct

2. AKOA Sector Hoody/Holy Trinity Crested Sports Hoody (Navy/White).

 Trutex Direct /Broadbridges

3. AKOA Mid layer/Holy Trinity Crested Boys/Girls mid layer (Navy/White). 

  Trutex Direct /Broadbridges

4. Boys AKOA reversible Rugby Top/HolyTrinity Rugby Shirt (Navy/White).

  Trutex Direct /Broadbridges

Click here for a printable copy of the above.


SUMMER TERM ONLY - Normal uniform is to be worn to school. After morning assembly pupils may be allowed to remove their blazers. A pullover may not be worn without a blazer at any time.
SEVERE WEATHER – During severe weather conditions pupils may dress appropriately over their uniform in order to keep warm and dry whilst travelling to and from school. Normal school uniform, however, must be worn at school during the school day.

Students arriving in non-standard footwear will need to swap for school issue shoes and may swap back at the end of the day. 

Please see our list of prohibited items for further details on what may not be worn.

Website Ordering / Links to Brochures

Order Trutex Uniform Online - Click here now! (Remember to use school code LEA00373SD)

To visit the Trutex Direct Digital Brochure click here

Broadbridges:- 3 Piries Place, HORSHAM, RH12 1EH (tel 01403 259620) 

Their Website is at:-  [Other branches in Burgess Hill & Haywards Heath]


Here at Holy Trinity we issue all our Students & Members of Staff with plastic, credit card sized, ID cards when they join us.

These cards are used for access to the school site, security and identification. Students & Staff are required to carry their ID cards at ALL times.

If a card is lost, misplaced or damaged it must be replaced immediately. New ID cards can be ordered by students, via the ICT Support Team in Room G100, for a small charge of £3.00. They will be available for student collection from ICT Support at the end of the following school day.