The Holy Trinity Church of England Secondary School

Year 12 Transition


Dear Year 11,


Congratulations on completing your GCSEs. This is a significant achievement, particularly in light of the disruption of the last few years so you have shown outstanding resilience. Now the time has come to think about your future, and this transition work has been designed to help prepare you for all that is coming next academic year.


There is a big jump from GCSEs to Level 3 courses; in terms of the amount of work expected to be completed, how independent this work must be, and how challenging it is. In order to prepare you for transition from GCSE to Sixth Form, your teachers have created a series of Summer Tasks for you to complete over Summer and bring to your first lesson in September to be assessed. Please note that it is a requirement for these to be completed for each subject you study.
In addition, the Sixth Form team have included some additional resources for you to look at and complete in order to prepare yourself as much as possible. These are optional, but are recommended so that you can hit the ground running in September. 


Here is what we would like you to do and why.


Task Description

Summer Task



Each subject has devised a series of tasks to be completed over Summer and brought to lessons in September.
In addition, subjects have included reading lists and further course information

Futures lessons



What is it like to study…?
These Power Points give an idea about what it is like to study a subject. Particularly useful if you’re still unsure about your options.

Subject Progression Grids


What else can I do to prepare…?
Additional resources for subject families to help prepare you for these courses.

Post 16 Skills Grid


What might I need to be able to do in Post 16…?
A guide to some of the skills that you will need in your Post 16 courses

Please complete all the Summer Tasks and give everything else a go – you have more plenty of time between now and September to get prepared. Please bring all of this work to your first lessons in September.
Good luck and enjoy finding out more about your chosen subjects. We look forward to seeing you and finding out what you’ve learnt!


The Sixth Form Team

Please see below for details of all summer tasks: