The Holy Trinity Church of England Secondary School


This page is for all information related to the schools iPad programme. This includes what to do when a student iPad is damaged, the Student usage and parental policy as well as accessory recommendations by the school.

Damage to iPads

Before a replacement iPad can be issued to the student the parent/guardian must fill out the damage iPad form.

To fill out the iPad damage form please click here. 

Student Usage Policy

 To view the Student Acceptable Usage Policy for iPads please click here.

Parental Usage Policy

 To view the Parental Acceptable Usage Policy for iPads please click here.

Apple Pencils, Replacement iPad Pencils & Replacement Tips

Replacement Apple pencils or other pencils/stylus's are not provided by the school. Damaged Apple pencils or similar pencils also cannot be repaired or supported by the school. The school also can no longer provide replacement tips for Apple Pencils.

Our current fleet of iPads are iPad 9th Generation. Any replacement pencils must be compatible with 9th Generation iPads.

If a replacement Apple/iPad pencil is required for a student the school recommend the following pens below.

Apple Replacement

Apple Pencil 1st Generation, Our iPads are 9th Generation iPads and so only support charging through the lightning port -

 Compatible Replacement

Metapen Pencil A8, The pencils are charged using a USB-C cable supplied with the pen. The Pen also comes with 2 replacement tips -

Apple Pencil Tips

If you require a replacement tip for the Apple pencil you can purchase replacements here:

An alternative but compatible replacement at a cheaper price can be found here:


The school cannot provide replacement chargers. Our iPads are currently 9th generation and have lightning ports. Any replacement chargers/cables must support lightning ports.

For chargers we recommend the official Apple USB-C 20W power adapter plug and the Apple USB-C to Lightning cable. These chargers are very efficient and charge iPads to 100% capacity very quickly.

Apple Charger Replacement

Plug Adapter -

Cable for the Plug Adapter -